DWUs and cDWUs in Azure Synapse SQL Pool

Dedicated SQL Pools in Azure Synapse Analytics (Synapse SQL Pool for short) are optimized for the implementation of a more traditional Enterprise Data Warehouse.  To enable this, a Synapse SQL Pool is provisioned using a combination of resources. The three bundled resources are CPU, Memory, and IO. These bundled units are called DWUs (Data WarehousingContinue reading “DWUs and cDWUs in Azure Synapse SQL Pool”

Mapping Data Flows in Azure Data Factory

Azure Data Factory has comprehensive data transformation and integration capabilities. For those looking for a simpler data integration experience compared to Data Factory Pipelines, Microsoft provides Mapping Data Flows which do not require writing any code. Mapping Data Flows in Azure Data Factory are a visual way to design data transformation flows. The data flowsContinue reading “Mapping Data Flows in Azure Data Factory”

Machine Learning features of Azure Synapse Analytics

Machine Learning is one of the most important techniques of data science and analytics. Azure Synapse Analytics supports various ways of implementing machine learning out-of-the-box. The basic process flow of a typical machine learning project is as follows: Understanding the business processes and rules Data acquisition and ingestion Analytical model selection and training Model deploymentContinue reading “Machine Learning features of Azure Synapse Analytics”