Azure Data Factory: New Monitoring View Features

It is very easy to visually monitor previous pipeline runs in Data Factory using the Monitor page in the Azure Data Factory, which we have already covered in a previous post. There have been some recent improvements to the monitoring view, we will go through these briefly in this post. Data from the Azure MonitorContinue reading “Azure Data Factory: New Monitoring View Features”

Azure Data Factory: Script Activity

While we have discussed various ways for running custom SQL code in Azure Data Factory in a previous post, recently, a new activity has been added to Azure Data Factory called Script Activity, which provides a more flexible way of running custom SQL scripts. As shown in the screenshot above, this activity supports execution ofContinue reading “Azure Data Factory: Script Activity”

Azure Data Factory: Monitor Self Hosted Integration Runtime Metrics

Self-hosted integration runtime in the context of Azure data factory is a gateway that connects the on-prem data sources to datastores in the cloud. To know more about Integration runtimes, please refer to the previous post. We have discussed how to check whether Integration Runtime is online or offline using PowerShell command in a previousContinue reading “Azure Data Factory: Monitor Self Hosted Integration Runtime Metrics”