Parameterize Linked Service in Azure Data Factory

A relatively new feature in Azure Data Factory is support for parameterization of Linked Services. You can find more details about Linked Services in Azure Data Factory in this previous post. Parameterization allows the same linked service to be used for multiple data sources of the same type. e.g. we can now parameterize the connectionContinue reading “Parameterize Linked Service in Azure Data Factory”

Azure Data Factory Templates

Azure Data Factory is the primary task orchestration and data transformation service on the Azure cloud. This means that Azure Data Factory can be used for connecting to various Azure Cloud as well as external services to perform automated tasks. To make it easier for users to create pipelines corresponding to various scenarios, Azure DataContinue reading “Azure Data Factory Templates”

Azure Data Factory: Linked Services and Datasets

We have discussed about source and sink components of Azure Data Factory in the previous post. There are other components that need to be created before we can start creating Data Factory Pipelines. Some of these are Linked Services and Datasets. Linked Service: A linked service contains the connection details (connection string), e.g. Database server,Continue reading “Azure Data Factory: Linked Services and Datasets”

Azure Data Factory: Source and Sink

Azure Data Factory is the primary task orchestration/data transformation and load (ETL) tool on the Azure cloud. The easiest way to move and transform data using Azure Data Factory is to use the Copy Activity within a Pipeline.  To read more about Azure Data Factory Pipelines and Activities, please have a look at this post.Continue reading “Azure Data Factory: Source and Sink”