Difference between Azure Event Hubs and Azure Event Grid

Azure Event Hubs is a big data streaming platform optimized to handle high velocity events. Event Hubs can receive and ingest millions of events per second. Azure Event Grid is an Azure service that gives users the ability to create applications that use event-based architecture. Event Grid acts as a connection/routing service between event sourcesContinue reading “Difference between Azure Event Hubs and Azure Event Grid”

Azure Synapse Analytics Table Distributions

We learnt about Azure Synapse Analytics architecture in the previous post. Another important concept to understand in the Synapse Analytics parallel processing query execution is distribution. A distribution is the basic unit of storage, in the context of parallel query processing. Internally, Synapse SQL breaks down the work into 60 smaller parts. Each of theseContinue reading “Azure Synapse Analytics Table Distributions”

Azure Synapse Analytics Architecture

Azure Synapse Analytics is designed to process huge amounts of data. Sometimes, tables in Synapse Analytics can have hundreds of millions of rows. Even with these huge amounts of data loads, Syanpse Analytics processes complex queries and returns the query results within seconds. This is possible, because Synapse SQL runs on a Massively Parallel ProcessingContinue reading “Azure Synapse Analytics Architecture”

Azure Advisor

Azure Advisor is a cloud-based service on the Azure portal that provides users with personalized advice on how to manage their Azure account subscription optimally. Azure Advisor recommendations are based on the last 14 days of usage. Azure Advisor has built-in algorithms that analyze resource usage to generate recommendations. Access to Azure Advisor can beContinue reading “Azure Advisor”

Database Security on Azure

In the previous post we discussed Azure security in general. This post is going to discuss the security features for databases on Azure. Let’s have a look: Azure SQL Firewall Rules: When it comes to firewall rules, Azure provides two levels of security. There are server level firewall rules which are stored in the SQLContinue reading “Database Security on Azure”

ADE Q02: Azure Data Platform Quiz

You have some data in Amazon Web Services S3 buckets storage. Which of the following can be used to copy data from AWS to Microsoft Azure ? a. AzCopy Utility b. Azure Data Factory c. Azure Storage Explorer d. Azure Data Explorer   Which of the following best describes the purpose of pipelines in Azure DataContinue reading “ADE Q02: Azure Data Platform Quiz”

Azure Stream Analytics Windowing Functions

As we have seen in the previous post, Azure Stream Analytics is designed to handle real time, high velocity streaming data. To efficiently analyze streaming data, we need to create batches or groups of the incoming data items. This is where windowing functions come in. A window in Azure Stream Analytics context, means a blockContinue reading “Azure Stream Analytics Windowing Functions”

Azure Stream Analytics

As connected devices become more commonplace, we are moving towards a true IoT world, where every device will be connected to the internet and be able to generate a continuous stream of data. This calls for a new requirement of collecting, storing and analyzing this continuous stream of data. To address this need, Azure providesContinue reading “Azure Stream Analytics”