Azure Data Engineering Interview Questions

The idea behind starting this blog was to help people who are interested in data engineering as a career. The reason this blog is named Azure Data Engineering is because my experience is mostly with Microsoft Technologies. For the 100th post, I have listed the top 50 questions that are most likely to be askedContinue reading “Azure Data Engineering Interview Questions”

Estimating costs for Azure Synapse Analytics

Before starting a project, it is very important to understand and plan for the estimated costs associated with creating and running an Azure Synapse Analytics instance. Azure Pricing Calculator provides an easy-to-use interface where the users can input the numbers and get an overall estimate of the associated costs. To use the Azure Pricing CalculatorContinue reading “Estimating costs for Azure Synapse Analytics”

How to change the DWU allocation in Azure Synapse Analytics?

We have discussed about DWUs and cDWUs in a previous post. In short, DWUs and cDWUs are basic units of measuring performance in Azure Synapse Analytics. In this post, let’s look at the various methods available in Synapse Analytics to update the DWU allocation.   Azure Portal GUI: This method is the most obvious andContinue reading “How to change the DWU allocation in Azure Synapse Analytics?”

How to monitor Azure Data Factory Data Flows?

Azure Data Factory helps users orchestrate and automate various activities within the Azure environment. One of the primary use cases for Azure Data Factory Pipelines is to build Data Flows to integrate, transform and move data. Once the Data Flows have been created, the next step is scheduling. This can be achieved through Data FactoryContinue reading “How to monitor Azure Data Factory Data Flows?”

Azure Security Benchmark

Information Security is one of the most important and crucial aspects for any enterprise grade system software. For a cloud ecosystem, like Azure, having sturdy information security (including data security) is fundamental. Microsoft has been constantly improving the robustness of the Azure platform ever since its launch. Recently, Microsoft have released the second version ofContinue reading “Azure Security Benchmark”