Azure Storage

Azure Storage platform is Microsoft’s cloud storage solution. Like other cloud offerings, it is a managed service and caters to various storage requirements and scenarios.

It includes the following storage options:

  1. Azure Blobs : Blob stands for binary large object. This storage solution supports all kinds of files including, text files, videos, images, documents, binary data etc.
  2. Azure Files : Azure Files is an organized way of storing data on the cloud. The main advantage of using Azure Files over Azure Blobs is that Azure Files allows for organizing the data in a folder structure. Also, Azure Files is SMB compliant i.e. it can be used as a file share.
  3. Azure Queues : Azure Queues is a cloud based messaging store for establishing and brokering communication between various applications and components.
  4. Azure Tables : A NoSQL storage solution for storing structured data which does not meet the standard relational database schema.
  5.  Azure Disks : This is used as a storage solution for Azure VMs (Virtual Machines).


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