Azure Storage Explorer

Azure Storage Explorer is a versatile standalone application for managing Azure Storage from any platform. Azure Storage Explorer is available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. It can be downloaded from Microsoft.

Azure Storage Explorer provides access to multiple Azure data stores such as, Cosmos DB, ADLS Gen2, Queues, Tables, Blobs etc.  It provides an easy to navigate rich GUI.

After downloading, the next step is to link Azure storage account. This will enable users to connect to the storage resources already available in Azure or create and manage new data stores.

One of the key features of Azure Storage Explorer is that it allows users to work even when they are disconnected from the Azure cloud service. This is achieved by attaching local emulators. Users have the option to use Azure Storage Emulator on Windows or Azurite which supports macOS and Linux. Users can benefit from cost savings and increased productivity.

The simplest way to connect to Cosmos DB is to use a connection string. Similarly, easiest way to connect to ADLS Gen2 is to connect using URI.

Azure Storage Explorer provides a one stop solution through which users can manage data on multiple data stores seamlessly.


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