ADE Q02: Azure Data Platform Quiz

  1. You have some data in Amazon Web Services S3 buckets storage. Which of the following can be used to copy data from AWS to Microsoft Azure ?
    • a. AzCopy Utility
    • b. Azure Data Factory
    • c. Azure Storage Explorer
    • d. Azure Data Explorer  
  1. Which of the following best describes the purpose of pipelines in Azure Data Factory?
    • a. To move data from source to target
    • b. Logical grouping of activities to perform a specific task
    • c. Process and transform data
    • d. Orchestration of activities
  1. Which of the following statements is correct about Azure Data Explorer (ADE) and Azure Storage Explorer (ASE) ?
    • a. ADE and ASE, both are managed services
    • b. ADE is a managed service and ASE is a downloadable application
    • c. ADE and ASE both support KQL (Kusto Query Language)
    • d. There is no difference between ADE and ASE
  1. Which of the following Azure services is designed with the primary goal of providing serverless computing to users?
    • a. Cosmos DB
    • b. Azure Databricks
    • c. Azure Functions
    • d. Azure Stream Analytics
  1. Which Azure Stream Analytics windowing function does not have a fixed window size?
    • a. Tumbling Window
    • b. Hopping Window
    • c. Sliding Window
    • d. Session Window

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