ADE Q03: Azure Data Platform Advanced Quiz

  1. Which of the following is NOT correct about Transparent Data Encryption (TDE)?
    • A. TDE is a data encryption technology to keep data encrypted while it is stored in the DB
    • B. TDE is available for Azure Synapse Analytics and Azure SQL Databases
    • C. TDE can be used to encrypt transaction log files
    • D. TDE is only used to encrypt sensitive data such as credit card numbers
  1. What does Data Warehouse Unit (DWU) measure?
    • A. The size of data that can be stored in the Data Warehouse
    • B. The throughput of data transfer from the Data Warehouse
    • C. The processing (compute) power for the Data Warehouse
    • D. A and C
    • E. B and C
  1. You are designing a Data Warehouse on Azure Synapse Analytics. Sales Fact table with about 100 million rows needs to be loaded. Sales Fact is frequently used in multiple joins with dimension tables. Which of the following table distributions should be used for Sales Fact table?
    • A. Round-robin
    • B. Hash Distribution
    • C. Replicated table
    • D. Either a or b can be used
  1. When should we consider High-concurrency mode while designing an Azure Databricks cluster?
    • A. When only one user will be using the cluster for high volume workloads
    • B. When multiple users will be sharing collaborative workloads
    • C. When we need to create a cluster only for a specific workload
    • D. When multi-language support is required such as R, Python and Scala
  1. You want to implement data masking on one of the columns in an Azure SQL Database table, containing string data. Data should appear as XXX after the masking is applied. Which data masking function should be used?
    • A. Default
    • B. Custom
    • C. Credit Card
    • D. Random Number

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