SBS02: Create a Data Factory using PowerShell

In this post, we will go through the PowerShell commands to create a new Data Factory. First of all, lets discuss the pre-requisites:

  • Azure Subscription: To work with Azure Data Factory, we need to have the login details for Azure Subscription
  • Appropriate Role Permissions:  Data Factory Contributor Role on the Azure Portal at the resource group level or above and Contributor role for PowerShell at the resource level.

To know about the pre-requisites in detail, please check the Microsoft Docs reference link at the bottom of this post.

After launching PowerShell, use the three commands below to login:

# To list Azure Subscriptions
# Select Azure Subscription
Select-AzSubscription -SubscriptionId "<SubscriptionId>"

Step 1: Define a variable for the resource group name

$resourceGroupName = "ADFADESBS02RG";

Explanation: This variable name will be used in the commands later. The resourcegroup name (in double quotes) should be unique.

Step2: Create ResourceGroup

$ResGrp = New-AzResourceGroup $resourceGroupName -location 'East US'

Explanation: To create the resource group from the variable. ‘East US’ is the name of Azure Region where we want the resource group to be created.

Step 3: Create variable for DataFactory Name

$dataFactoryName = "ADFADESBS02Factory";

Explanation: Variable for storing DataFactory name, which we are going to use later. The Data Factory name should be globally unique across Azure.

Step 4: Create Data Factory

$DataFactory = Set-AzDataFactoryV2 -ResourceGroupName $ResGrp.ResourceGroupName 
  -Location $ResGrp.Location -Name $dataFactoryName

Explanation: Run Set-AzDataFactoryV2 cmdlet using the Location and ResourceGroupName property from the $ResGrp variable


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