ADE Q05: Azure Cosmos DB, Data Factory and Azure Storage Quiz

1. Which Azure Data Factory Data Flow Partitioning Scheme should be used when no good partition key candidates are available in the data?

  • A. Round Robin
  • B. Dynamic Range
  • C. Hash
  • D. Key

2. What is the primary key for data stored in Azure Table Storage?

  • A. PartitionKey
  • B. RowKey
  • C. PartitionKey and RowKey
  • D. None of the above

3. Azure Cosmos DB partition sets are spread across multiple……….

  • A. Clusters
  • B. Datacentres
  • C. Regions
  • D. Machines

4. Which method of creating a synthetic Partition Key in Cosmos DB is best for improving the read performance?

  • A. Random suffix
  • B. Pre-calculated suffix
  • C. Concatenate properties
  • D. None of the above

5. Cosmos DB generates a JSON for every ingested item. This JSON is then converted into a tree data structure. The array elements in the JSON are represented in the tree as:

  • A. Root node
  • B. Intermediate nodes
  • C. Leaf node
  • D. Branches

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