Azure Stream Analytics Job States

In this post, we are going to discuss about the various states an Azure Stream Analytics job can be in. There are four states for an Azure Stream Analytics Job:

1. Running: This means that the Stream Analytics job is working as intended i.e. reading incoming event data from the inputs, processing the data and sending the processed results to the configured outputs.

2. Stopped: This means that the job is stopped and not processing any incoming event streams.

3. Degraded: This status shows that the job Stream Analytics job is not running in the optimal way as intended. This could be caused due to intermittent issues with the configured inputs or outputs. Stream Analytics will try to recover and restore the job to an optimal, ‘running’ state, which should take a few minutes. The underlying cause could be network issues , availability of other dependencies including some Azure services etc. Processing performance is expected to be affected when the job is in Degraded state.

4. Failed: This indicates that the job has encountered a critical error that caused it to enter the failed state. The most common reasons for a job to be in this state are runtime errors. No ingestion or processing happens when the job is in this state.

When the job is in degraded state, it is recommended to look at the Diagnostic or activity logs to identify the underlying cause.

For jobs in failed state, it is recommended to configure alerts, so that users get notified when the job enters the failed state. Also, looking at the activity and resource logs can help in identifying the root cause.


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