Azure Stream Analytics Outputs

In previous post, we discussed various inputs supported by Azure Stream Analytics. In today’s post, we are going to discuss about the outputs.

Azure Stream Analytics supports the following outputs:

ADLS Gen1: ADLS support for Stream Analytics is available globally except a couple of Azure regions.

SQL Database:  Stream Analytics jobs can write to a SQL table  using this output option.

Azure Synapse Analytics: This output enables Stream Analytics jobs to output data to an SQL pool table. It can support processing throughputs for up to 200MB/s. This is ideal for real time analytics scenarios.

Blob Storage and ADLS Gen 2: This can serve as a cost-effective output for Stream Analytics.

Event Hubs: This output option is suitable when the users want to connect the Stream Analytics output to another streaming job.

Power BI: This output is ideal when the users want to visualize the stream analytics data to a dashboard or report.

Table Storage: This is the basic NoSQL data store option for Stream analytics output.

Azure Cosmos DB: Using this output enables users to direct the Stream Analytics output to a Cosmos DB Container.

Azure Functions: Stream Analytics can trigger azure functions by using  HTTP triggers.

For detailed list of configuration properties for each of the Stream Analytics output options mentioned above, please go to the reference link below this post.


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