Estimating costs for Azure Synapse Analytics

Before starting a project, it is very important to understand and plan for the estimated costs associated with creating and running an Azure Synapse Analytics instance. Azure Pricing Calculator provides an easy-to-use interface where the users can input the numbers and get an overall estimate of the associated costs.

To use the Azure Pricing Calculator correctly, one needs to understand the various resource types that are provisioned while creating and running a Synapse Analytics instance.

Some of the resource instances and numbers that need to be input in the Azure Pricing Calculator are as follows:

Resource HeaderResource Name
Data Exploration and DWDedicated SQL Pool
Data Exploration and DWServerless SQL Pool
Data Exploration and DWApache Spark Pool
Data IntegrationAzue Hosted Data Pipelines
Data IntegrationSelf Hosted Data Pipelines
Data FlowsCompute Optimized vCores
Data FlowsGeneral Purpose vCores
Data FlowsMemory Optimized vCores
Azure Synapse Analytics Resource Headers in Azure Pricing Calculator

It should be noted that Azure Synapse Analytics runs on associated Azure infrastructure that is provisioned along with the Synapse Analytics instance.

One of the key infrastructures linked to the Azure Synapse Analytics instance is Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2. It is easy to miss the associated costs for the Azure Data Lake Storage while estimating costs for Azure Synapse Analytics.

Also, the Azure Portal shows a summary tab with the estimated costs on the create workspace page for Azure Synapse Analytics.

For a screenshot with complete list of options for Azure Synapse Analytics in the Azure Pricing Calculator, please go to the Microsoft Docs link below.

Reference: Plan to manage costs for Azure Synapse Analytics – Azure Synapse Analytics | Microsoft Docs

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