Azure Data Factory: New Monitoring View Features

It is very easy to visually monitor previous pipeline runs in Data Factory using the Monitor page in the Azure Data Factory, which we have already covered in a previous post.

There have been some recent improvements to the monitoring view, we will go through these briefly in this post.

Data from the Azure Monitor view can be easily exported to csv by clicking on the newly added Export to CSV button.

Azure Data Factory monitor : Export to CSV

By default, Data Factory remembers the last modified filters. Previously, users had to go to each filter to clear or change them but it is much easier to clear all filters with the new Clear filters button.

Azure Data Factory Monitor: Clear filters

Lastly, a much-requested feature to provide the ability to the users to open individual pipeline runs in a new tab has been added. This can be done in two ways. Either by right clicking on the individual pipeline run….

Azure Data Factory Monitor: Open in new tab

……or by selecting multiple pipeline runs and clicking on the Open in new tabs button. This will open each selected pipeline run in a new browser tab.

Azure Data Factory Monitor: Open in new tabs

Other minor improvements include, remembering the “Edit Column” changes made by the user. This is saved to the browser profile and remembering the view when the user navigates back to the pipeline run form the activity run.


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