Difference between Azure Data Lake Gen2 and Synapse Analytics

Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 (ADLS Gen2) and Azure Synapse Analytics (formerly, SQL Data Warehouse) both are highly scalable and have the capability to ingest and process huge amounts of data (on a Peta Byte scale). But there are some differences :

ADLS Gen2Azure Synapse Analytics
 Optimized for storing and processing structed and non-structured dataOptimized for processing structured data in a well-defined schema
Used for data analytics and exploration by data scientists and engineersUsed for Business Analytics i.e. for disseminating data to business users
Built to work with HadoopBuilt on SQL Server
No regulatory complianceCompliant with regulatory standards such as HIPAA
USQL (combination of TSQL and C#) and Hadoop used for accessing dataSynapse SQL (improved version of TSQL) used for accessing data
Can handle data streaming using tools such as Azure Stream AnalyticsBuilt-in data pipelines and data streaming capabilities (currently in preview)

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