Azure Resource Logs

Azure is based on a resource consumption and usage model. So it is important for users to be able to monitor and optimize the usage of resources on the Azure cloud platform. The primary logging and monitoring tool on Azure, is the Azure Monitor.

Azure Monitor provides a centralized service to manage the various logs generated by different resources and services on the Azure platform. There are three types of Logs on Azure:

  1. Activity Logs: These logs provide a record of operations or events executed against the resource.
  2. Resource Logs: These logs provide diagnostic (resource usage) records. These logs can be used for troubleshooting and auditing purposes. Resource logs are not available for all Azure services. Previously, Resource logs were referred to as Diagnostic logs.
  3. Application Logs: Application logs are the logs generated by an application or service running within a guest OS on the Azure cloud.

There are various ways to set up diagnostic logging in Azure: Azure Portal, PowerShell, Azure CLI or the Azure Resource Manager.

Resource Logs can be exported to:

  • Log Analytics: This is a workspace within Azure Monitor that lets users write queries on the logs that have been collected using Azure Monitor.
  • Event Hubs: This is a big data streaming platform that is capable of ingesting and processing millions of data points per second.
  • Azure Storage: If the users just want to store the logs in an organized format for later analysis, they can just send it to Azure storage.

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