Azure Advisor

Azure Advisor is a cloud-based service on the Azure portal that provides users with personalized advice on how to manage their Azure account subscription optimally. Azure Advisor recommendations are based on the last 14 days of usage. Azure Advisor has built-in algorithms that analyze resource usage to generate recommendations. Access to Azure Advisor can be managed using built-in roles provided by Role-based Access Control (RBAC).

Azure Advisor recommendations can be divided into 5 categories:

  1. High Availability: These recommendations are aimed at improving the uptime or availability of the provisioned resources for business-critical applications.
  2. Security: Azure Advisor is closely integrated with Azure Security Center. These recommendations enable and empower users to not just view, but also act on the security vulnerabilities of Azure resources.
  3. Performance: These recommendations are related to the speed and latency of the Azure resources. Azure Advisor integrates closely with SQL DB Advisor to provide recommendations for improving database performance.
  4. Cost: Recommendations about cost optimization include items like eliminate idle or unused resources on Azure, delete failing data factory pipelines, buy reserved VM instances etc.
  5. Operational Excellence: Recommendations related to improving the efficiency of processes and workflows, better management of resources and optimizing the deployment process for resources.

Azure Advisor provides users with a choice of either implementing the presented recommendation right away, rescheduling it for later consideration or dismissing it altogether.  

There is also an option to download a summary of the recommendations as CSV or PDF.


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