Difference between Azure Event Hubs and Azure Event Grid

Azure Event Hubs is a big data streaming platform optimized to handle high velocity events. Event Hubs can receive and ingest millions of events per second.

Azure Event Grid is an Azure service that gives users the ability to create applications that use event-based architecture. Event Grid acts as a connection/routing service between event sources and event handlers.

Let’s look at some differences between Event Hubs and Event Grid:

Event HubsEvent Grid
Big Data Streaming platformManaged event routing platform
Designed for ingesting and processing high velocity dataDesigned for efficiently connecting and routing Event sources to Event Handlers
Can be used as an event source or event handler for event gridNot an event source or handler
Event Hub is designed to ingest data from event publisherDesigned to communicate both ways with event publishers
Azure functions can read event data from Event HubCan trigger an Azure function
Event Hub stores event data for up to 7 daysWhen an event goes through Event grid unhandled, it can’t be accessed again
No out of the box filtering options for Event HubsAdvanced filters are available to route data to various event handlers

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