Passed the DP200 Exam – Implementing an Azure Data Solution

I am happy to have passed Microsoft’s DP-200 Implementing an Azure Data Solution Exam today. This is the one of the requirements towards Microsoft’s Azure Data Engineer Certification.

Details about the skills measured in the exam can be found here.

The exam had multiple sections, starting with a case study and questions
around an organization planning to move their existing on prem systems to the
cloud. There were 45 questions with some of them sharing a common business case
or environment configuration. The maximum allowed time to finish the exam was
180 minutes which is more than enough to analyze, answer and review all the
questions. I was able to finish the exam with about an hour to spare.

Overall, the exam was of moderate difficulty. It mainly tests familiarity with the Azure data platform tools and some key concepts. There were a few questions regarding the workflow to accomplish certain tasks. There were also quite a few scenario-based questions.

Below is a list of posts from my blog about some of the important concepts that were asked in the exam:

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