50th Post Milestone Exercise

This is the 50th post of the Azure Data Engineering blog. Lets take this opportunity to review and test our familiarity with various Azure Data Platform services. Below is a list of 25 Azure Services and next to it, is a jumbled list of 25 short descriptions (from a to y). For the exercise, please match the Service Name with the correct description.

Azure ServiceDescription
1Blob StorageaCloud Gateway for IoT devices
2Queue StoragebAnalyze timestamp data
3Disk StoragecStructured storage for all kinds of data
4Data Lake Storage Gen2dUnstructured storage for all kinds of data
5SQL DatabaseeManage deployments
6CosmosDBfMessage store service 
7Synapse AnalyticsgMetrics and Log Management
8Data FactoryhStorage for Virtual Machines
9Stream AnalyticsiIngest Big Data Steams
10IOT HubjHandle steaming data on-prem
11Event HubkQuery Logs
12HDInsightlCloud version of SQL Server
13DatabricksmHigh availability Multi-model Datastore
14Data CatalognData Warehousing Solution
15Analysis ServicesoAnalyze Streaming data
16Time Series InsightspPersonalized cloud consultant
17FunctionsqAzure implementation of Hadoop
18Event GridrOLAP layer for modelling data
19IOT EdgesAzure implementation of Spark
20MonitortAzure version of MySQL
21Log AnalyticsuETL and Task orchestration
22Resource ManagervData Dictionary
23Database for PostgreSQLwConnect data sources and Event Handlers
24Database for MySQLxServerless computing
25AdvisoryAzure version of PostgreSQL

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