Access Data from Archive Tier Blob

We have discussed Blob storage tiers in a previous post. In this post, we are going to look at options to access blob data from the archive tier. When a blob is moved to the archive tier, data stored in the blob becomes unavailable. To access the stored data, we have two options:

Rehydrate: Rehydrate an archive Blob to hot or cool tier. This can be achieved by using a Set Blob Tier operation. There are two priority options for the Set Blob Tier operation:

  • Standard Priority: The rehydration request will be added to the request queue and will be processed according to the order it was received. This can take up to 15 hours. This is the default priority level for Set Blob Tier Operation.
  • High Priority: As the name suggests, the rehydration request will be prioritized and may finish in under an hour for objects under 10 GB.

Copy: Create a copy of the archived blob using Copy Blob operation. The priority options listed above are also available with the Copy Blob operation. Data is only accessible in the new Blob, once all the data from the archive tier blob has been transferred. The copy blob operation only works for destinations within the same Azure Storage . The new blob created does not have any connection with the archive tier blob after the data has been copied and the new blob can be accessed and modified independent of the archive tier blob.

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