Azure SQL Database Setup Options

While configuring Azure SQL Database there are quite a few options. Let’s have a look at the major configuration ones. Step 1: Choose the service Tier: Step 2: Choose the Resource Type: Step 3:  Choose a purchasing model: Step 4:  Choose vCore Compute tiers (only applicable if you choose vCore Purchasing Model): This is notContinue reading “Azure SQL Database Setup Options”

Moving On-prem SQL Server to Azure

Microsoft’s SQL Server has been one of the most popular relational databases for quite some time. The cloud version of SQL Server is called Azure SQL Database. Azure provides the following options to move data from existing on premises SQL Server to Azure SQL database : SQL Server Stretch Database: This option moves some ofContinue reading “Moving On-prem SQL Server to Azure”

Difference between Azure Data Lake Gen2 and Synapse Analytics

Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 (ADLS Gen2) and Azure Synapse Analytics (formerly, SQL Data Warehouse) both are highly scalable and have the capability to ingest and process huge amounts of data (on a Peta Byte scale). But there are some differences : ADLS Gen2 Azure Synapse Analytics  Optimized for storing and processing structed and non-structuredContinue reading “Difference between Azure Data Lake Gen2 and Synapse Analytics”

Azure Storage

Azure Storage platform is Microsoft’s cloud storage solution. Like other cloud offerings, it is a managed service and caters to various storage requirements and scenarios. It includes the following storage options: Azure Blobs : Blob stands for binary large object. This storage solution supports all kinds of files including, text files, videos, images, documents, binaryContinue reading “Azure Storage”

Responsibilities of a Data Engineer

Let’s start with the definition of Data Engineering. Simply put, data engineering is the process of designing, developing, maintaing and enhancing the way data is acquired, processed, stored and consumed within an organization. Data Engineering is an important skill which is quickly becoming a “must have” from a “good to have”. A data engineer isContinue reading “Responsibilities of a Data Engineer”

Azure Data Platform

There are various Data Services on Azure catering to different requirements and use cases. Some of these relate to one of the existing Microsoft data products e.g. Azure SQL Server and Azure Analysis Services, while others are new services designed for big data analytics e.g. Azure Machine Learning. The strength of Azure data platform liesContinue reading “Azure Data Platform”

What is Microsoft Azure ?

Azure is Microsoft’s cloud computing platform. Cloud computing is an online computing service (which may include both hardware and software) where the service provider creates a managed service to enable users to access these services on demand. So instead of “buying” hardware or software which means paying to own the product, users are “renting” theContinue reading “What is Microsoft Azure ?”